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タイメックス 時計 Timex Expedition WS4 Altimeter Compass Watch T49758


型番 T49758
定価 57,800円(内税)
•Timex Expedition WS4 Watch Collection.
•Durable and Lightweight Resin Case and Band.
Altitude reading at any given time.
Target Altitude & Altitude Alarm alerts you via on-screen pop-up and audible alarm that you have reached the preselected altitude.
• Barometer.
This watch is capable of giving information about current and sea level pressure, high and low barometric information and changes in sea level pressure over the most recent 36 hours. These features are useful for understanding changes in weather.
• Digital Thermometer:
Measures Air and Water Temperature.
• Digital Compass.
Directions on display are shown by numerical degrees or directional symbol like N,S,E,W,NE,SW ect.
•Adjustable Declination Angle for Accuracy.
•Weather Forecast:
This watch can predict weather based on historical air pressure trends Generally if the air pressure is rising the weather situation is considered to be improving and this is indicated by the Sun icon on the watch display. If the air pressure is falling the weather situation is considered to be worsening and this is indicated by the Clouds and or precipitation icon on the watch display.
•100-Hour Chronograph with Lap and Split Times.
• 24-Hour Countdown Timer.
• Daily Alarm.
• 24-Hour Time.
• Two Time Zone Settings.
• Stainless Steel Top Plate.
• Wide-Screen Display.
• Screw-Down Battery Hatch.
• 50 meter water resistant..
• Case Width: 50mm.
• Case Shape: Rectangle.
• Crystal/Lens Material: Acrylic.
•Color: Yellow.
•Alternative model #s: T49758, 49758, T49758W4.
•UPC: 753048334582
•Warranty: One Year from Timex.

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